ATA Members Workshops

The ATA auctioned off several workshops at our 2016 auction in June, the following members bids were accepted and dates (TBD) will be decided upon with the host taxidermist;

Bids: Host Taxidermist:

Brock Loper, Waterfowl Joshua Jackson

Kyle McCormack, Waterfowl Tonya O'Tinger at Steve's shop (completed 8/13)

Corey Whitt, African Gamehead Ray Barbour

Fred Eagerton Jr, WT Deer Randy Bell

Dennis Hereford, Waterfowl Kent Reedy

The first workshop was completed on Aug 13 with Kyle & Tonya at Steve shop. The day started out at 8:30am and ended at 9:30pm, wow why so long? Well someone had a bird that was freezer burnt (Steve) which caused some delays. But the good thing that came out of that was we know now what questions to ask customers concerning the condition of there waterfowl. Kyle and Tonya both had good specimens and things went well for both, but I kept telling them I was going to have the best freezer burnt Gadwall they had seen. The day was long but we did manage to go eat lunch at Ricks BBQ and then came back to finish up.

Thank you Shane Smith for supplying the forms for the workshop, they really work well.

Thank you as well Tonya O'Tinger for a long day and the experience to work and learn from you, Kyle and I both were very happy with the results. I thought Tonya was moving in when she rolled in with everything she brought, but that is what a good instructor does, thinks of everything.

The ATA thanks you for taking time out of your schedule to do this, and we wish you best of luck with your next endeavor.

Please enjoy the file below with pictures from our day and the gadwalls we worked on.