Tanning - should you ask about the process?

There are several methods for tanning animal hides in the taxidermy industry.

The internet is full of videos or procedures for each method out there. They can be sent to a professional tannery, (normally reserved for a soft tan or for large animal species), sent to another taxidermist for processing or the taxidermist can chose to do it in-house.

What method is best, well each one will tell you something different especially if they developed the product or are selling it to you.

Some use dry preservative (borax rubbed on the cape); some use one hour tanning products; some choose brush-on products; and some chose a 3-4 day pickling solution and then a 12-24hr tanning agent like (Lutan-F) or similar product.

Some wonder why their deer turn colors over the years, well it starts with the tanning process, or lack of it.

You the customer should ask about the process before leaving your trophy with just any taxidermist.

Below are pictures of two deer capes that were tanned using two different methods.

Photo below was done using a brush on product & sodium sulfate.

Photo below was done using the 4 day pickling / tanning method then oiled.

In the end it up to you to question your taxidermist for what method is being used, it is your trophy that will suffer in the long run.

Which one would you chose???