Alabama Taxidermy Association List of Awards

President’s Award (Selected by President)

Secretary’s Cup (Selected by Secretary)

Safari Club Award (Non Indigenous to US)

Van Dyke Award

(Selected by judges for mount that displays the most originality &

creativity in mammal, game head or whitetail category)

Calvin Guy Memorial Award (given to youth)

McKenzie Award ($100 Gift Certificate)

Evelyn Holmes Habitat Award (chosen by Evelyn)

Al Holmes Award ( Highest scoring mount on a altered/carved form)

James Taxidermy Supply Award

Archie Phillips Award (fish chosen by Archie)

Star Fish Award ($50 Gift Certificate, Highest Scoring Reproduction) Masters or Professional Category

Lifetone Paint Award ($50 Gift Certificate) Highest Scoring Fish or Repro in Professional Category

Polytranspar Paint Award ($50 Gift Certificate) Master or Professional Category

Ducks Unlimited Award (Nicest looking & Most Artistic piece promoting DU agency)

WASCO Most Artistic Award (Selected by Judges in Masters or Professional category & $100 Gift Certificate)

Research Manikin First Honest Whitetail Award ($200 Credit)

Judges Choice Award (chosen by judges)

Mayor’s Choice Award (chosen by mayor or a designee)

Peoples Choice Award (selected through voting by registered members)

Breakthrough Award (unanimous decision selected by the judges & $100 Gift Certificate)

“Commercial Class Award” *** (Highest scoring mount in this category)

“Best All Around Award” *** (Must have at least 4 entries with a minimal total score of 280 points)

“Masters of Masters Award” *** (Highest scoring mount in this category)

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply “Taxidermist’s Choice Awards”

(Lifesize, Whitetail Deer, Bird & Fish)(Selected by registered voting members)

“Best of Class Awards” *** (Presented to the highest scoring mount in each category)

NWTF Award (turkey selected by the judges collectively, based upon the mounts overall merit)

Pro-1 Performance Chemicals ( Must use Premium Hide Paste )

Artisan Award

Collective Artist Award

William Lett Award (Best Skin Mount Fish)

Grant Foster Award (Highest scoring masters whitetail)

Richard M Kenniar ( Best Habitat Award)

Woody Award (The Woody is presented to honor Excellence in Taxidermy. It is to be given to any blue ribbon

winner in any category (other than novelty, original art, sculpture, or best of show).

Either the judges or competition officials can make the selection.

Mounted In Alaska Award (given to a life size mammal including the habitat and tells a story)